Our Awards

  • A Certified B Corp

    In 2020, we became an internationally accredited B Corporation that has met the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. As a leading social enterprise, we are committed to non-toxic, sustainable production practices and has prioritized inclusive hiring and progressive wages since 2017.

  • An Organisation of Good

    In 2021, we were one of the recipients of the President's Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards (PVPA). During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, our team worked around the clock to provide pro-bono disinfection services to charities which lacked the resources to perform disinfection. We prioritized supporting other businesses for good to uplift various communities in need. We are honoured to receive the Organisation of Good Award for our commitment and forward-thinking leadership.

  • An Innovator for Humanity

    In 2020, we were awarded the IPOS Innovation for Humanity Award, which celebrates how ingenuity, inventiveness and creativity work together to solve humanity's greatest challenges. Our coating is formulated, manufactured and developed in Singapore, and is a proudly local innovation in our fight against Covid-19.

  • A Business for Good

    In 2017, we were recognised as a BusinessForGood that achieves social impact alongside sustainable financial return as a business that primarily provided stable jobs with progressive career pathways for marginalised Singaporeans.

  • A Champion of Good

    In 2017, we were founded as Spic & Span, a cleaning company with the mission to provide progressive, inclusive jobs for marginalised Singaporeans, including ex-offenders, people with disabilities, single parents, victims of domestic abuse, and the homeless. Our proprietary antimicrobial coating, Speco, was formulated as an enabling technology in 2019 as a way to improve our cleaner's productivity and value-add to their work, and has since become a trusted product to protect businesses and other spaces.

  • The Enabling Mark

    In 2021, we were recognised for our commitment in disability-inclusive employment and we are accredited as one of the Inaugural Enabling Mark organisations. Our very own Speco Nano Spray, specially designed to improve the employment, employability or productivity of people with disabilities, has also won us the Enabling Innovation Award.

  • A Living Sustainable Business

    In 2021, we were recognised for our efforts in incorporating outstanding socially and environmentally sustainable practices into our operations and support businesses to go beyond profit-making. We were also offered a one-year Signatory Corporate Member membership with Global Compact Network Singapore (GCBS).