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Airva is probiotic car cleaning solution that provides enduring protection for your vehicle's interior, defending against harmful bacteria and unpleasant odors by establishing a lasting presence on surfaces.

Free from harsh chemicals
Safe for babies and childrens
Bio-based and sustainable ingredients
Compact and easily changeable capsule
3 fragrances curated for you

Speco Proprietary Formulation, Bacillus Ferment Extract, Water, Fragrance

How to use:
Automatic presets and manual mode
10-second cleansing spray on preset activation
Optimised protection with automatic mode, sprays every 12 minutes for 3 seconds.
Flexible manual mode allows continuous spraying until deactivated.
Vibration sensor activates sensor mode after 3 hours of no detection

Fragrance Description:
Revitalise Notes
  • Top : Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Green Tea
  • Middle: Orange Blossom, Rose, Violet, Lily Of The Valley 
  • Base: Salicylate, Honey, Amber, Musk

Bliss Notes

  • Top:  Pear, Saffron, Rose
  • Middle:  Rose Damas, Peony, White Flowers
  • Base:  Sandalwood, Musk, Ambroxan

Elevate Notes

  • Top:  Cardamome, Bergamot, Petitgrain, Turmeric Roots
  • Middle:  Pepper, Ginger, Tea, Spices
  • Base:  Cedarwood, Gaiac Wood, Sandalwood, Vetyver

contains an equal distribution of all three scents: 3 refill bundles has one of each scent, and 6 refill bundles has two of each scent

Product dimension:W53mm x D47mm x H86mm

Package content:
1x airva Pro AirGuard
1 x air vent clip
1 x USB-C charging cable

(26ml refill sold separately)
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
1. How long will each refill capsule last?
Each refill capsule will last 120 days, on preset mode, based on average 1 hour drive daily

2. Is it safe for use?
It is generally safe for use; however, if the user is immunocompromised, consult a doctor before use
3. What is the difference between a normal car sanitizers, disinfectants, and Airva Pro AirGuard?
Car sanitizers and disinfectants are designed to kill or reduce harmful microorganisms in a car's interior; however, they provide a short-term effect and there is a risk of bacteria growth.
Airva Pro AirGuard contains beneficial microorganisms to maintain a healthy microbial balance in the car, promoting long-term cleanliness and odour control.
4. How does the spray cover the area of my car?
The automatic interval programming has been set for optimal coverage.
The nano spray also utilize the car air-recirculation function, providing a wider coverage area inside your car and the air vents.


      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)
      Airva Pro AirGuard (Pre-Launch)


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